Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kids shouldn't share imaginary friends

My kids will fight about anything. Now they’re fighting over what their imaginary friend is doing.

A few weeks ago, I was putting Primo to bed and he told me to tell him that the Airman was coming,


The Airman is not a character I've ever heard about before -- not from a movie, not from a book, not from any prior narratives emerging from Primo's amazing mind.

“It makes me feel better if you tell me that the Airman is coming,” he informed me, “It makes me feel like there are more people in the room.”

“Ok,” I said, “The Airman is coming.”

Who am I to argue?

So, after hearing us announce the arrival of the Airman every night for a few weeks, Seconda decided she wanted to get in on the action.

“The Airman is coming and he is going to sleep in MY BED!” she shouted.

“NO HE IS NOT!” Primo yelled, “MOMMY!!!! Tell Seconda that the Airman is going to sleep with me!”

“Too late! Too late! He is in my bed now and he says he won’t go with you!” Sec yelled.

“MOOOOMMMY!!!!” Primo wailed.

“Honey,” I said as I walked in, “You know that Airman is not real, right?”

“I know,” Primo said.

“Then he can be doing whatever you want him to,” I said, “And besides, Sec doesn’t even know what he looks like.”

That consoled him.

To Sec I suggested, “You now, since imaginary friends are free, you don’t have to share with your brother. You can make one up for yourself.”

I'm just bracing myself for the arguments that Airman will have with Sec's imaginary friend. Good times.