Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day Help! The Little White Dress

Its Wednesday again and that means irrepressible hump day style at All Kinds of Pretty. Last week in my desperate shopping spree, I not only bought shoes, I bought a bunch of dresses. The first three were so credulously ill-fitting and awful I refused to even snap a photo of them. Suffice it to say that one of them was a modified halter top TIE-DYE toga dress. Can you even begin to imagine? The other was decent enough – a green floral number whose over-done furbelows I was ready to forgive except that it was really just too short.

The last from Urban Outfitters was gorgeous, cream-colored, racer-back, with netting cut-outs and lace and I LOVE IT but sadly it was way way too tight in the bust. I knew this when I bought it but I bought the damn thing anyway.

However, it appears I was honing in on my ideal dress because the day before my reading, I found the right dress at a local boutique. I present to you: the little white dress.

I wished at first it had a little something more to it – some color at the hem or floral trim at the empire waist. But really, sometimes you shouldn’t screw with simplicity. I love the neckline of this dress, I love the skirt, and I love the fact that you can go crazy with jewelry, or a vibrant colored cami underneath or a crazy pair of shoes.

Plus, as my cousin pointed out when she saw the dress, it is not unlike the dress Maria wore in West Side Story, without the gorgeous red sash. And without me being Natalie Wood. Yes, I think I must be half mad to put a picture of myself next to a picture of Natalie Wood. But fashion makes us do crazy things.