Friday, June 4, 2010


Its been hot this week. Not comfortably warm. Oppressively hot. Your fingers swell up and you sweat like a pig kind of hot. So hot, in fact, that I've been bringing Primo's bathing suit to pick-up, having him change in the bathroom and then heading straight to the sprinkers. While at the sprinklers, I ran into my best friend from high school who is now my neighbor and mother of a 10 month-old. Its her first season of sprinker fun and the baby was there, splashing around, having a ball with all the other children who were soaking wet.

Meanwhile we mothers stood on the periphery, gasping for breath in the sweltering heat.

"When I got him dressed to come here, I thought of putting my swimsuit on, too," said my friend, "But I didn't know if people did that. I guess not."

"In my many years of sprinker-frequenting, I have yet to see a parent or babysitter in a bathing suit," I reflected, "But I'm guessing if you did show up in a swimsuit tomorrow, on the next day EVERYONE would be doing it. I bet every grown-up here has been debating the same thing for the past week."

Then I remembered that the only kind of bathing suit I own are string bikinis, because I used to look really good in them, and now that I don't look really good anymore, I figure its more appealing to show skin, even very pale somwhat flabby skin, than to cover that flab with very close fitting lycra. In any event, would not be appropriate for a playground, even one in Europe where people are more open-minded. Not that I'm not sill considering it. Check in with me in August and we'll see how far my dignity has fallen.