Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paging all happy mom! Report to me please!

I'm writing an article on the secrets of happy new moms, and as I certainly don't have any useful advice in this arena besides "birth a kid that doesn't cry and drive you nuts," I need you to share your wisdom. You'll help me out and show the world how smart you are, by being quoted as an authority on parenting and happiness in a national parenting mag. I'm looking for moms of kids 0-2 years old who do any of the following:

Find time to pamper yourself – get a massage or manicure?

Rant in a journal?

Order in your fave food or cook extra and freeze it?

Stay in your PJS all morning?

Exercise during baby's naptime?

Sing off-key with your little one?

Go on date-night with your husband?

Take friends up on the offer to watch your baby?

Make life easy by leaving stuff where you need it?

Find ways to see the big picture?

Try not to compare yourself to other moms?

Have a glass of wine at the end of a long day?

If you have a personal experience doing any of these, or if you have another great tip to share of something small you do during your day to stay in a good mood, tell me about it. Please include your full name, hometown and the ages of you kids. You can email me off line if you'd like at amomamok {at} gmail.com