Monday, January 10, 2011

When winter's got you down, buy new hats

Or knit up some yourself, if you're the crafty type. One of the best perks of having youn children is that you can force adorable haberdashery on them. I remember one afternoon when Primo was a baby, I met up with a Mommy friend who told me her husband had banned infant clothing which worked like an animal costume, and had vowed to cut kitty ears off of any hat that crossed his threshold. I pointed out to her that one of the ways nature repays us for the pain of childbirth and postpartum is by giving the babies no ability to fight back when we dress them up like cute animals. Fair is fair.

Although my kids are no longer babies, I do like to get them to wear crazy hats whenever possible, particularly after January, when the winter begins to seem interminable. And now that I've discovered Etsy, there's no looking back.