Thursday, January 13, 2011

When Parents Text

Lordy me, have you seen this site, When Parents Text? It is pretty freaking hilarious. I find that I can equally relate to the young'uns and thier parents, being in the no man's land in between the two -- not a Luddite, but still, I can't quite make texting an instinct. Fortunately for me, texting is the one communication means that my parents do not avail themselves of to torture me and provide you with endless entertainment. Hopefully no one will ever teach them how to manipulate that function or I'll end up with exchanges like this one. called "Morton/ Norton/ Nottingham" from the WPT:

Me: I feel sick
Mom: Take a Nottingham
Mom: Take a Morton
Mom: Norton
Mom: Mortin
Me: Did you get an Iphone?
Mom: How did you know?