Thursday, January 5, 2012

My adurawble son

Primo's been really wanting to go on a Boy's Weekend again, the kind where he and his Pops spend a night in a hotel. I've written whole essays about how much my kids love hotels and I don't blame them - I love even a run-down Ho Jo myself. On the first and only Boys Weekend which David inaugurated at the end of the summer, he set a dangerous precedent by taking Primo to the irresistibly like-able lodging known as the Holiday Inn. I heard Primo tell one of his friends about it one time, "We stayed at this really nice hotel. They had a fold out couch and cinnamon rolls for FREE! It was called the Holiday Inn."

Its been a few months since that weekend and Primo has started clamoring for another such outing. David and I are all for it but, we explained, they probably couldn't stay at a hotel because it costs a lot of money.

"Even Mommy and Daddy only stay at a hotel overnight as a special treat," I told him.

That didn't really impact him at all. He's continued to plead for a trip to the Holiday Inn where you get as many cinnamon rolls FOR FREE as you want in the morning time. We told him he could have the special time with no girls AND it could involve cinnamon rolls -- the Pillsbury Dough kind -- but probably no hotel. Then, one night, he emerged from his bedroom with a letter for David which read:

"Pleeeeeeease can we go on a Boys Day? If you don't its OK. But it was so much fun. Pleeeeeease can we go. Love, your adurawble son."

David gave him a hug. It was really sweet. Then Primo said: "Do you like the note? I spelled 'adorable' wrong on purpose so it would look more cute, like a little kid did it."

This slayed me. The hubris of my son, to think that he has so fully mastered the art of orthography that he has to now intentionally dumb down his spelling so he retains that juvenile charm. And you know what? It totally worked. We fell for the cuteness.

No Holiday Inn. But the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with Icing AND a video-game-polooza at Dave and Busters. Adurawble was too adorable.