Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maurice Sendak on the Colbert Report

If you didn't like Maurice Sendak before (which, frankly is just inconceivable - what, you dont like the Beatles, either? What are you, cold-blooded?), watch this clip of Maurice Sendak on the Colbert Report and your mind will be changed.

I was already a big Sendak fan. As much as I like Where the Wild Things -- and I still have my childhood copy -- I really get into his other stuff, like Outside Over There (there's a whole blog post I need to write about reading that wacko book to Sec's pre-K class) and We're All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy. That shit is craaaaaazy. You really feel like you should be on mind-altering drugs to fully get what Sendak's going for - either that, or be a kid. Lately, I've read a bunch of interviews with him and now that he's in his eighties and entered the who-gives-a-crap-what-people-think-i'm gonna-let-it-all-hang-out stage of life, he's an absolute hoot, a bona-fide character. That character interacting with Steven Colbert - priceless.

Happy Tuesday!