Friday, January 13, 2012

Damn You Autocorrect

Damn You Autocorrect

I'm not circulating anything new here - in fact, I'm sure I'm months behind the game, but my sister sent me this list of The 25 Funniest Autocorrects of 2011 and when I finally got around to clicking on the link, I was in for one hell of a riotous laugh. David and I sat on the couch and laughed until we cried, tears actually running down my face. It was one of those out-of-control painful laughs. And, really, for the life of me, I can't say whey these are so freaking hilarious. Certainly, part of it is the fact that Autocorrect, that diabolical genius, somehow tricks people to accidentally say absolutely horrifyingly gross sexual things to their parents and vice versa. We laugh because we're so flipping relieved its not US who just referred to our mother's vulva. Part of it is the fact that you can see the realization - oh horror! what disgust! -- of the corrected one, after they have irrevocably hit "Send" and read over what they've just penned.

My favorite is the one where the Mom tells her daughter there's a surprise for dinner in the kitchen. The reasons I love this auto correct are myriad. FIrst, you can see what a luddite at heart the Mom is, since she signs her texts, "Love Mom." It reminds me of how my grandmother signs her answering machine messages like a letter. They just don't get how the form of communication works. Secondly, there is kind of nothing grosser than what the daughter says to her mom, not just because of the term she uses but because of the flirtatious way it comes across, "I hope its your . . . . " But mainly the reason I love this one is you get to see the realization the daughter has, after she's sent the thing, and the overwhelming, crushing desire to turn back time, to suck the message back into her fingertips, as she frantically sends, "Please don't read that" in various iterations.

It is just pure comedic gold.

Enjoy and happy Friday!