Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Shook Up

We all want sick arms like Madonna. Ok, that's a given. But this, dear readers, is no way to go about it.

Shake Weight

I can only hope that you are having trouble reading this screen through the haze of tears which resulted from the laughter this video induced.

There is only one possible explanation for this product's orgins. It involved a bunch of people sitting around a bong one night when someone said:

"You know what would be FUNNY? You know how you can get a woman to do anything if you tell them it'll tone their muscles? What if we made this weight that looked just like a phallus and then told them they'd lose weight by shaking the thing up and down just exactly like they are JACKING SOMEONE OFF???? Ohmigod, we HAVE to make that."

Honestly, who would ever believe letting a machine shake you for 6 minutes would make you beach-ready?

Of course, as I sit here and type this, I haven't been to the gym in oh - almost two years -- so I guess even the Shake Weight might be an improvement.