Friday, February 26, 2010

I have the answers to your problems!

There are a great many things about which I know nothing – sports, chemistry, how to choose a ripe cantaloupe – and there are plenty of things I know a little about – bargain shopping, belly dancing, Shakespeare – but there is one thing that I know a lot about: parenting.

Its not that my own experience has made me an expert, though I do have quite a robust collection of cautionary tales and don’t-try-this-at-home stories. But in researching the articles that I write for parenting magazines (you can read them at my website) I’ve had occasion to cross paths with plenty of people that are actual experts, lots of experts with differing perspective and varied backgrounds. All of which is a preamble to this pronouncement:



Just like Dear Abby, I will fix your conundrums, dilemmas, stalemates and otherwise prickly parenting situations.

You have a problem.

I have a solution.

It not a money-back, one-hundred-percent guaranteed solution but it will be – I promise you – worth a short. And it will be free. At the very least, I will tell you what parenting book to consult. Or I’ll ask my readers and THEY’LL tell you what to do.

I’ll give you a twitter-sized solution in 140 characters or less and I’ll give you a normal-person-with-a-decent-attention-space answer, with justification.

So try me. Ask me anything (except medical questions because I’m on MD, not even close, can’t tell a liver from a pancreas, so sorry, no can do). You can ask about:

Crazy and infuriating kid behavior including what they’re (not) eating, (not) drinking, and (not) crapping on the bowl

Discipline, or lack thereof

Marriage minefields

Making Mommy friends

Playground politics

Awful, gross things your body is doing -- in pregnancy, postpartum and beyond

That’s just a sampling. Feel free to let it all hang out. It will be anonymous, after all. Just email me at