Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Birthday Girl

My baby girl was born three years ago today. Here she is, as a baby:

And a toddler:

And now my baby is a preschooler:
She's standing next to me now, in her Alice in Wonderland dress - the white eyelet number you see in the picture -- ripping off her sweater, despite the lack of heat, because "ALICE DOESN"T WEAR A SWEATER." At least she's Alice today and not a mermaid because mermaids don't wear ANY clothes, especially not underwear. How can they wear underwear when they don't even have a butt to cover? The kid's a logician.

Before I had Seconda, I never knew a child could be so charismatic. She's the best (and worst) company you could ever wish for. She reminds me of this Mae West expression that I used to quote when I was her age (and if that doesn't make us birds of a feather, I don't know what does):

"When I'm good I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm better."

On my husband's chests are two tattoos -- one is an anatomical drawing of a heart, under which Primo's name is printed, and the other is a star, for our girl. Its just right. She lights us all up.